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Discussion : Server specifications
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20/05/2017 11:18:53
I really want to host my server on this host but i really want to know what the specifications are of the server (or at least the porcessor type).
I searched everywhere on the website but didn't find it anywher.
Thanks for reply,
03/04/2020 18:03:40
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17/05/2020 10:22:29
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12/06/2020 19:29:16
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07/07/2020 9:04:24
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09/07/2020 8:58:00
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07/09/2020 20:11:39
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27/10/2020 8:50:30
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12/11/2020 6:51:34
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12/02/2021 12:55:43  (edited: 12/02/2021 12:58:36)
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Discussion : Server specifications
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