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Discussion : simplest way to self-host mumble on LAN device?
09/11/2019 17:47:28  (edited: 10/11/2019 11:34:57)
I'm new to mumble, but I love just about everything about it, especially how it just does the basics and isn't overdesigned. I like the privacy of hosting on the LAN, but it's a pain to run the server from one of our laptops because when the laptop goes into suspend and the server drops, the other client (linux) (1.2.19) goes into a race condition that overheats, or a looped panic or some unpleasant thing like that.
I was thinking of venturing into pi-type territory to self-host only this mumble server, but know little about them either. My quick look at most pis suggest they're slightly overspec'd for this. I was wondering what the simplest (no soldering) pi-type solution might be good for hosting only a mumble server with up to four users on the local LAN (myloweslife.com). (It'd probably have to plug into the wall rather than USB, and connect via ethernet rather than wireless.) Has anyone done something like this? Any suggestions for a complete newbie?
Discussion : simplest way to self-host mumble on LAN device?

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