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Discussion : Villagers not gossiping?
15/04/2020 13:38:36  (edited: 16/04/2020 7:25:06)
Hello all, I have recently cured two zombie villagers and made them breed, however, the child didn't seem to gossip with his parents and still won't I have given them each a workbench, beds are closeby and I have been trading frequently with the parents. Could this be due to the parents not being able to sleep? As for the current setup, the two parents (the ones with discounts) are locked into small trading cells but can get a direct line of sight to the child who roams the room freely. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

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15/04/2020 17:42:14
Hello, got same problem here
29/10/2020 22:06:39
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Discussion : Villagers not gossiping?

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