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03/11/2020 11:27:28  (edited: 10/05/2021 10:36:19)
Bonjours OmgServ, je suis vraiment trop heureux pour vous, votre réussite.
Bref, je c'est plus quoi dire donc Félicitation
19/11/2020 13:49:13
Notwithstanding us all figuring out how to inhale before we're even conceived, huge numbers of us battle to direct our breathing when talking under tension.
Attempt to recall to breath consistently and profoundly. In case you're on edge, you can without much of a stretch fail to remember and your breathing will become whimsical, influencing the nature of your voice.
On the off chance that this occurs during an account, simply stop and take a full breath prior to continuing. Also, don't stress, this happens to proficient vocalists, as well.
Additionally, be aware of your movement and pitch; ensure your pacing is appropriately captivating. You would prefer not to fall off excessively drowsy and purposeful. All things considered, don't surge your content or you'll wind up staggering. In addition, your crowd needs an ideal opportunity to retain what they're hearing.

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