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Discussion : That OSRS gold this feeble ought to be made quicker
26/03/2021 8:04:32
The mace is a little bit tricky. Something that this feeble ought to be made quicker. It can't be made more powerful because then it would outclass the warhammer just like how the scimitar outclasses that the longsword. These are small changes that I expect will have a big impact on how well every weapon is contrasted to eachother.

The Lootshare update had also included: A change has been made to the mechanisms when a player is killed by a creature. Your items will remain on the floor just visible to you for a minute should you want to return to regain them. Following that, anyone nearby will be able to see them. Formerly, if a participant died to a monster that the products were appearing instantly for everyone.

Although this does help a little, it still has many flaws. As an example, if you'd expired because your net stopped working and it took you longer than a moment to fix it, your thing would've already been public or maybe even gone. This time problem is also the situation when you die far from Lumbridge, or wherever you spawn. If it takes you a long time for a bank, get a teleport, teleport, and then run to your things, chances are your items are now gone.
Discussion : That OSRS gold this feeble ought to be made quicker

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