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Discussion : special edition of NBA 2K22 - the year-long version of the game.
25/08/2021 10:41:28
Be aware that only in the latter scenario will Candace Parker appear and only buying at GameStop however in other shops Doncic will appear. NBA 2K unveils its first cover with a model. Candace Parker, a two-time WNBA (women's NBA-like league) MVP and the 2016 WNBA Finals MVP, appears on the front of the WNBA 25th anniversary special edition of NBA 2K22 - the year-long version of the game.

Parker is only one of many basketball players that grace the cover of NBA 2K22. Luka Don?i? is the player who will be the cover for the standard edition of the game and the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition features Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The WNBA 25th Anniversary Special Edition is a GameStop exclusive. S and includes a set of seven unique WNBA shirt designs for the game and includes one for Parker. The bundle will be available on starting on September 10th, at a price of $70.

It took 2K a long time to have an athlete featured on the cover for an NBA game. This is an important step towards representing. NBA 2K20 was 2K's first 2K video game to include WNBA players as well as teams. A WNBA version of the MyPlayer career mode was also added in NBA 2K21. Candace Parker is the first woman to be the face of the NBA2K video game. Candace Parker is a legend in basketball . She was awarded with this award. The cover of the 2022 edition will be announced by the 2K videogames.

"It can be a great platform for girls to play, and I hope that the future WNBA stars to know that their interests are safe." Being represented is crucial, so this is an important moment for the progress of the sport and the video game. Being on this historic cover will let you know about the rise and popularity of women's sports, and I'm proud to be the NBA 2K's first female player. "

Parker at 35, who has a ring is a WNBA MVP she is also a six-time All-Star and a WNBA Finals MVP champion. She also holds the title of two-time Olympic medalist. She has also created cover art featuring Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. They also created a special cover for the 75th anniversary celebration of the NBA featuring famous players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki and current player Kevin Durant.If you want to know more about can go mmoexp.com/Nba-2k22/Mt.html
06/09/2021 17:24:08
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Discussion : special edition of NBA 2K22 - the year-long version of the game.

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