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Discussion : Protection de serveur contre hackers
29/05/2016 17:20:22
Good day recently my server was hacked one players managed to give op and Griffing the server, others came with a kind of hack and griffins the entire server is alguen I can help you solve this give me sugestoens how to solve these thanked attacks
29/05/2016 17:43:10
A good solution would be to change certain permissions plugins or to update them because some of them do have issues on security and can cause problems like this. Also, you could only allowed Premium account on your server. Reducing the amount of potential hackers.

By the way, I'm a french speaker, English isn't my first language.
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29/05/2016 19:31:16
hello, I will update the plugins I use bungeecord. the Cord Bungee may have something to do with these events?
29/05/2016 20:22:39

I think you need to configure your firewall
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29/05/2016 21:31:00
il et tout configure
30/05/2016 6:56:20
Install your server with Spigot. This server plateform is secure and block somme 'Hack or Cheat' like Force-Op, X-Ray and other...
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30/05/2016 12:29:08
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Discussion : Protection de serveur contre hackers
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