Discussion : Minecraft unlimited CPU performance
08/09/2017 9:19:12
Hi there,
i found your server offer via google and rent a minecraft unlimited server yesterday. While the unlimited ram feature is quite nice, running a heavy modpack also needs a lot of cpu power.
What kind of CPU do i have with my minecraft unlimited server?

Will it also get more power if needed?

It makes no sense to have unlimited ram, if the server is limited by the cpu and it starts lagging.

Thanks for information.

(some general thing, when switching your website to english, the whole forum, all categories and everything is still french)
30/09/2017 12:09:57
I understand your problem, so I'll try to traduce what it is say in the FAQ, and sorry if I make mistakes (and I'm not an OMGserv administrator just a player who play with the unlimited offer) :

For the RAM, it says that OMGserv will put at your disposal all the RAM you'll need to run your sever : more players, more RAM automaticly. They also say that a minecraft server rarelly exceed more than 10Gb of RAM and you have a minimum of 256Gb of RAM.

For the CPU, the servers have processors that have 40 threads, and 100% of CPU on the dashboard correspond to the use of 1 thread.

I hope I helped you,
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Discussion : Minecraft unlimited CPU performance

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