Discussion : [REFUSÉ] SSD VPS offer suggestion
03/12/2017 13:31:57
Scaring customers with a SSD VPS that starts at 5€ like the ones by other major hosting providers isn't any good.
It was at 2.5€ before and even 1€ on black friday.
Yes it gives you more RAM and STORAGE so the price is legit but what if one doesn't need 2GB of ram and 20GB storage?
At this point OV*, Digital Oc*** are better for one who doesn't need ram & storage since their prices start at 5€ as well and you get better service overall.
Is omgserv trying to fool customers by giving no choice?
I think just adding a smaller SSD VPS (1GB ram / 10GB storage) would fix the problem.

The above is just my personal opinion and it's meant to be an hint for omgserv
12/09/2018 13:02:12
Hi, thx for your suggestion, unfortunately what you see as a fool is a limitation due to IP cost for us.
Today an IP cost is 2.4€/month (vat included) + Stripe/PayPal/Paysafecard transaction fees, so we can't sell a VPS for 2.5€.
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22/08/2020 8:56:52  (édité: 22/08/2020 8:57:28)
VPS is the biggest platform of doing hosting for hosting we need some clouds for it or some nodes. According to my viewpoint 24houranswers suggest different hosting techniques though hosting is a main branch of clouding.
Discussion : [REFUSÉ] SSD VPS offer suggestion

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