Discussion : Help: Some players cannot connect to game server on VPS
03/12/2019 13:53:11  (édité: 05/01/2020 10:08:22)
Hello all, I've been having issues with my game running on a VPS with some players mobdronot being able to connect to the game, saying its offline when it isnt.
Ive noticed its mainly players near/around sweden and that nordic region, for some reason the ISPs do not allow connection to my VPS. But, it has been also occurring to US players on rare occasion. Ive reduced it to this because when connecting via mobile hotspot or VPN, they can properly connect to the game.
The inbound rules are set to allow anyone via the server.exe and our specific game ports. Im really not sure w https://pnrstatus.vip/hat to do to fix this. I believe its costing me quite a few players :/ https://sarkariresult.onl/
Anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks in advance
30/06/2020 13:03:40
Some big players of this game are facing some issues to connect ti game on the VPS server. I Know that all and my suggestion essay writing help them to solve their problems in connecting the game.
19/07/2020 22:41:24
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10/09/2020 9:31:12  (édité: 10/09/2020 9:36:46)
Yes, Something I also face problems to connect through VPS server. Is there is any way to solve this issue? For playing games, I bought a Gaming desk from Flexispot coupons, and where ever I face problem while connecting it ruined my moods
Discussion : Help: Some players cannot connect to game server on VPS

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