Discussion : [JAVA] How did my villager die?
13/06/2020 7:00:08  (édité: 15/06/2020 0:35:42)
A while back I foiund a zombie villager in full gold armor (including a helmet meaning he didn't burn), I trapped him in a box and named him, then cured him.
Now I forgot to light up the inside of the box, and I assume a zombie spawned and attacked him, but when I went to check up on him all I saw was a creeper which almost blew me up.
He was named, hidden from the sun, and if he was converted back into a zombie villager would have gotten his armor back, including the helmet so there's 0 chance that he burned up or despawned.
How is he just gone?
Also I'm on hard mode so if a zombie attacked the villager, it would have turned into a zombie villager.
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Discussion : [JAVA] How did my villager die?

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