Discussion : First VPS IP/access uncertainty
01/07/2020 14:53:08  (édité: 02/07/2020 8:15:13)
Hello all,
I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to hosting/networking. I'm looking to get a VPS to learn more and maybe try hosting some stuff. I'm a bit unclear on a few things though and was hoping someone could clear it up.
How does one initially access the VPS? Through a provider portal? The VPS has an IP address you can SSH into? Or you access the VPS provider IP and they redirect traffic to your one? I saw something that said about setting up firewall, fail2ban etc. "before you take it live" - how can only you access it?
If you don't have a domain name, just
vsharean IP can you get/do you need WHOIS protection? Due to scarcity of IPs do you need a domain name for others to be able to access it?
If this is better posted elsewhere, please point me in the right direction. If you need more info about specific VPS provider I'm looking at then let me know I just didn't want it to be considered promo. Thanks! https://omegle.onl/
Discussion : First VPS IP/access uncertainty

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