Discussion : Fournisseur de cloud externe vs VPS vs Nextcloud
09/09/2020 14:58:26  (édité: 15/09/2020 9:36:23)
I am concerned about my privacy when using cloud storage that is not end-to-end encrypted which includes the majority of providers such as Dropbox.
I have 3 choices to improve my privacy:
Cloud storage (like Dropbox) with client-side encryption managed either by the user or by the provider (user encrypts data before uploading).
Advantages: the user does not have to worry about the configuration of the server. Files are readily available anytime, anywhere. The provider will secure the cloud, apparently very strongly. tellgamestop
The inconvenients. Encryption may need to be managed by the user (if the vendor does not provide it), although this is not difficult. Even with the encryption, there could be some security issues. Keys could be disclosed or stolen. Unencrypted data could be downloaded by mistake. Encryption may be discontinued in the future. Metadata is often not encrypted as of 2020. User control over encrypted data is lost. The terms and conditions could change in the future. Suppliers are submitting to government orders, which means these companies are most likely participating in the state's mass surveillance programs. State actors are not discouraged by client-side encryption: keys could simply be saved using hardware backdoors or targeted attacks; there might be backdoors in the encryption software, etc.
Discussion : Fournisseur de cloud externe vs VPS vs Nextcloud

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