Discussion : The sara mages are easier
12/12/2020 7:14:14
I realize the reason behind not giving stones whilst really TRAINING Construction is is probably related to the mechanics of the Building Mode, but it's Just Plain Stupid. The entire purpose of Shattered Heart is supposed to be to reward those people who work on all abilities... exactly what the expletive deleted would be the purpose of including Structure and then banning TRAINING it?? They should merely have left it off the record, or figured out a alternative way of incorporating it. As it is, the Construction aspect is quickly which makes me disgusted with the entire thing, and chances are great that I'm going to get fed up enough to simply begin dropping the rocks I get while coaching other skills.

They seem to be rare undertaking. The previous two were on kuradel, so she could assign them somewhat more often than lapalok. In terms of killing them; the two most well-known methods are those close to the sara and in zammy encampment.

The sara mages are easier, but slower. You just attack the mages that are engaged in combat. They wont assault back unless they kill their target. Even then, they'll usually go for one more NPC one is nearby. Therefore it'd be a great idea to bring 2 or 3 ppots in the event you do get attacked, along with some food if they get a strike or 2 off you. You can discover these mages outside their camp too. They spawn all over in front of the camp, and at the destroy complex between sara and arma camps.
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Discussion : The sara mages are easier

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