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10/03/2021 6:07:42
I'm no great shakes in combat but these are the things I believe to be pretty great (probably not the very best but they work well) Melee dual wield = rotate through the basics of Sever, Decimate, Slice, Punish, (in this order) and then use the thresholds Assault, Destroy, Slaughter (+ kick ability or move under the opponent if they're larger than 1x1) in any order you prefer. That isn't because they do not know how to nerf something - it's the defect at the tier system. The tier system is honestly a HORRIBLE idea. For those who haven't realized, virtually all weapons and armour have become scaled with an incredibly easy, direct relationship with requirement level. The result of this is the death of the uniqueness of weapons or armour.

Things like Korasi or even Royal crossbow that had market applications are now reduced to mere normal weapons. Ganoderma can no longer be contrasted with Virtus as a question of greater defence and soak versus greater crime and life boost: Virtus is now only"improved by 5 levels." Do not try to make an argument for passive results or small amounts of crit incentive - barring cost, there is never any reason to utilize lower-level things when you have access to higher-level versions.

Thus, I have recently decided to play again. I've got three or four old accounts, all enrolled with one or two of my possibly four or five emails. . I used to have more but I deleted them back. . Expecting none of these emails was to my own higher level balances, but I digress.

I recently registered a new account/in-game username, I'm not even sure if I had entered an email to the input, but I understand my password and personality name but I'm not sure what email I had entered when I even did. It clearly keeps asking for that, and I have already tried all of mails that I have. I'm not sure what the deal is here, or how to regain my account.

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03/04/2021 9:33:16
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13/04/2021 6:29:00
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23/04/2021 8:19:44
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Discussion : I have recently decided to play

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