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Discussion : Vacuum heat treatment processing technology
09/03/2021 8:25:32
Vacuum heat treatment processing technology
It mainly refers to the new heat treatment technology combining vacuum technology with heat treatment technology. The vacuum environment of vacuum heat treatment refers to the atmosphere environment below one atmospheric pressure, including low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum. Therefore, vacuum heat treatment actually belongs to atmosphere controlled heat treatment.
Vacuum heat treatment means that all or part of the heat treatment process is carried out in vacuum state. Vacuum heat treatment can realize almost all the heat treatment processes involved in conventional heat treatment, but the quality of heat treatment is greatly improved.
Compared with conventional heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment technology can achieve no oxidation, no decarburization, no carburization at the same time, can remove the phosphorus chip on the surface of the workpiece, and has the function of degreasing and degassing, so as to achieve the effect of surface bright purification.
Discussion : Vacuum heat treatment processing technology

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