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Discussion : Next, you want to slay the demon.
16/04/2021 8:46:35
He'll state once you finish this quest, he'll reward you handsomly. So, you venture out on this pursuit. The very first on the list is to retrieve a Ghast. Talk to Drezel about shooting Ghasts. He'll say it's near impossible, but with the ideal spell and potion, it is possible to grab you. He will say to mix a Fire Berry (a rare berry discovered in lava) plus a few Blemish Snail Slime in the Heroes' Quest. Then hold the jar open and talk the phrases'Deom formnai sylimairel esintry!' . As soon as you do so you will have a Ghast at a Bottle.

Next, you want to slay the demon. To find the demon, you have to find Glough, from the Grand Tree. He'll say he made ANOTHER demon, a stronger one, but does not know where it is. What you don't know is that you need to walk into Eagle's Peak and you will find it in a secret cave. You'll slay it and select up its own head. Bring this to the Wise Old Man within 180 seconds or it will desinigrate!
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Discussion : Next, you want to slay the demon.

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