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Discussion : What is the simplest solution?
01/10/2021 17:58:58
i'm looking to get a vps going for the functions of having access to a domestic server from just about anywhere. i would like which will get into the routers i have at home as properly from this vps, and have access to plex as well, a ability nextcloud storage server, and some other candies.

so, what is the satisfactory manner to approach this?

get a vps that allows for me to install pfsense (or some thing comparable) over with a opposite proxy method, such as haproxy?

or to go with ubuntu/debian/and many others server with nginx pointing toward the server?

dynamic dns route?

what else? the opportunities seem infinite.

domestic server currently has proxmox, however i'd cross xcp-ng to better help me out. i would like for you to get admission to digital oses such as home windows for visible studio and others to play around as i examine more approximately networking and computers.

i considered tailscale, however i'm now not a large fan because of the confined amount of manipulate and studying possibility related to it.
06/10/2021 10:25:45
Please change the SSH password as soon as the foreign VPS rental is completed. Remember to use strong enough passwords with special characters. In case you change the password but the new password uses easy-to-guess passwords (form 123456789), this change does not make much sense.
Discussion : What is the simplest solution?

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