Discussion : Servers Down (Update: Back Online)
24/04/2018 8:20:23  (édité: 24/04/2018 14:16:53)
As most of you have noticed, the servers have been offline today. As it turns out we've been getting hit by DDoS attackers for the past couple days, and this morning the attacks slipped over the threshold of the protection plan that I pay for. The dedicated server that we use to host NEStalgia is actually fairly expensive due to this extra protection, so I'm not very happy with our host right now.I'll keep you posted, but right now the servers are down and I can't bring them back up until this gets resolved.
Please help.
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24/04/2018 14:17:46
I'm sorry but I don't really understand why you post here this message.

We don't ensure support on this forum, you have to open a ticket if you have an issue with one of your products.
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    Discussion : Servers Down (Update: Back Online)

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