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BattleMC is a Network of 3 game servers, all the more extravagant than the others:

----------------------------- --------------

The Faction Server (Version 1.7.X-1.8.X): Featuring a very complete shop, new items crafted unseen, a warzone cut the breath and an original outpost system, this server will make it smile more than one!
The RushFFA server (Version 1.8.X): what better than to be able to play in rush with several and each one for oneself
The Practice Server (Version 1.7.X-1.8.X): Titans will compete on this server. Inspired by the Badlion kohi or CTlserv, the Practice server is the perfect place to train and improve at pvp. A monthly reward system is introduced for all the best pvp players by type of fight. If you like the competition, I highly recommend this server

-------------------------------------- -----

IP: play.battlemc.fr
Teamspeak: ts.battlemc.fr
Website: https://battlemc.fr
The server is in beta

Our staff is

ARTPVPLOL: Admin, Builder
Terreritium: Admin, Management Staff
Yanis6660: Admin, Dev
Soulraven: Admin, Community Management
Magik_Viruz: Community Manager
Isumzy and Misticraft are Super-Modo
We hope to see you on our server!

ShowBox MobdroVidMate
30/03/2021 11:09:59
Are you controlling access to the closed beta so you can manage the traffic? I know many companies are granting access via random drops to people watching content on selected twitch channels. Thus the high interest is gained.
11/07/2021 14:47:59
It's hard to tell right away, you need to study the issue in more detail
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