Discussion : The boards alone come to 2.35, leaving me 550k to spend
14/12/2020 3:21:44
I can probably call 2.9m cash for this job. The boards alone come to 2.35, leaving me 550k to spend. My second issue is, is it worth hiring a butler to save sawmill excursions? Thing is, I can only play for half an hour a day. Is it so cost efficient to hire a regular butler for this sort of enjoying time? The manual does not mention when a butler has to be paid, whether it's after a day I will just go to the sawmill myself, but once every, say three times, it may save me a great deal of time, and time= money. Expecting that you guys could give me guidance on this, as even after reviewing the internet, no manual in existence is unique enough for these questions! Thanks.

Ok, since I am going to get 99 structure - Yes, I can confirm it IS expencive. I can not answer fully the issue concerning the saw though I would say it wouldn't work because it merely generally, like you mentioned, when a saw is necessary. Concerning the Butler. #1, if you are buying the planks, you don't need the butler to run to the sawmil for you, simply get him to un-note your planks. I find that the regular butler the very best because he takes 12 seconds to bank. The demon butler takes 6 seconds to bank which is far to fast to be effective.

The regular butler costs 5,000 for every 8 trips. The demon butler costs 10K (I believe ). This means that the butler isn't just better for training, he is also superior money wise. If you are concerned that it is going to cost too much, use attacking production hammers. This will half the cost. To discover how many you need, divide the entire experience to your goal by 50,000. This will tell you how many you need. Should you need a non-combat stealing creation clan, try"Smooth Sc" or"1fastsc".
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Discussion : The boards alone come to 2.35, leaving me 550k to spend

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