Discussion : How to earn the Ender Dragon's Egg back
21/12/2020 8:31:52  (édité: 21/12/2020 8:33:42)
I was playing with my companions in an endurance worker (Bedrock Edition). We just wrapped up slaughtering the main Dragon so I had the Dragon's Egg in my stock when I coincidentally fell into the void of the End. After a lot of affronts against me, we chose to call a Wither in the End measurement. We attempted to glitch him into the End Gateway to choke out him yet the solitary thing we accomplished was too destitute the End Gateway. Two or three days from that point forward, we killed the Ender Dragon again to discover that it dropped 12000Xp as well as the egg by and by. How this did occur? What we sorted out was that the game knows how frequently the mythical beast was gathered by checking the number of End Gateways that are dynamic around then. In this way, since we broke the solitary existent entryway, it considers killing the Dragon unexpectedly and it gave us a shiny new egg. To sum up, to get another egg (on the off chance that you lost it) or get a subsequent one, you need to break the End Gateway (by calling a Wither or similarly as breaking bedrock) prior to slaughtering another winged serpent. On the off chance that somebody can attempt this in Java Edition if it's not too much trouble let me know whether it fills in also in the remarks beneath.
24/05/2021 8:13:06  (édité: 24/05/2021 8:13:54)
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Discussion : How to earn the Ender Dragon's Egg back

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