Discussion : They do not have to provide proof
17/02/2021 8:31:35
If you're able to get 67 dg and eventually become a member then convinced. Anyone know how long it is 67-83 dg? Soloing smalls, found it works the best for me personally (I keyed a 49 minute large:P) You did the big with a group? How much xp/h would you get?

I did it with Cart (138) and Beast V3 (117) therefore the boss was 403 (Shadow-forger). I died 6 times, 1 from keying because I ran from prayer and 5 times on the boss because he could 2 struck me easy and lower my defence to about 30 readily in the very same attacks. I would've gotten about 26k since I obtained 13k and I think 6 deaths in -50%. 26K tokens or xp? And. . Right?

So I log on today and try to chat, and am given a message saying"You have been temporarily muted because of breaking a rule. This mute will stay for a further two days. To prevent additional mutes please read the rules" I logged off at 11:58 EST last night, after finishing my Black Demon job, and doing almost all of my own Spiritual Mages actions, in isolation with nobody else about. I didn't talk in public or at clan chat. The only areas I talked were in Sal's buddy chat and on Skype (irrelevant).

Now to my knowledge, I didn't say anything offensive whatsoever in Sal's, and even if I had, it is Sal's! Even though many people are pretty laid back and are not hovering within the report button, there are a few people who report simply to annoy people with the hope they'll be muted. Unless you really did offend someone, in which case most people are good, law abiding citizens and you are fudgeed.

To support my claim, in my account direction it says that I will banned for 1 day without any proof showing up. This means it was a Player Moderator mute, so the PMod will have had to have seen you. They do not have to provide proof as it is temporary anyway. Because of , it likely was not a report.

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Discussion : They do not have to provide proof

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