Discussion : There are a variety of ways to improve the game
26/08/2021 8:53:15
The most dedicated Madden players might be focusing on Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team and online modes. However, there's something to be expressed about the game's display mode that allows players to play a relaxed game that is highly customizable. This is not the case if players are looking to play a match. It is possible for players of playing a regular game or Super Bowl. It's a great feature for players to simulate or play NFL playoff games for example, the Wild Card or a conference championship.

While the NFL enjoys celebrating its past, it's bizarre that they haven't pushed for the same history to be part of the game. Many football legends are part of the game as part of the Ultimate Team mode. But, players are only allowed to play using the 32 modern NFL franchises available in the present. EA should allow players to dress up as classic teams such as the Dallas Texans and the Canton Bulldogs.

Although there is always criticism from the Madden fan base regarding different aspects of the game. One major issue that has consistently been an issue for fans has been the mechanics of offensive lines.The linemen of real football have to alter how they block based upon the play. But, it has always been the norm that offensive linemen play every down the same way. Although Madden NFL 21's transition to the next-gen version made some improvements, it remains an essential aspect of the game that needs to be addressed.

Franchise mode can be significantly better than it currently is, at most in the minds of many Madden fans who have been playing the mode for decades. There are a variety of ways to improve the game. One of the most basic improvements is to make transactions more authentic.

Players aren't able to control franchises and make a lot of decisions regarding who they sign or trade during the course of the season. While it may be advantageous for the player, it could harm the illusion of this simulation as a real one. Intelligent AI could bring about a change.

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06/09/2021 17:09:42
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Discussion : There are a variety of ways to improve the game

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