Discussion : Newbie Questions..
02/10/2021 10:03:33
Hey all, just started ARK with some friends that played it a year ago. Alot has changed, and I just want to know some information to help me okay the game better.
Current situation: We've built stone walls with behemoth gates over a large area near the north east portion of The Island map. (25/75 coords). I've reached level 72 with my character and really want to establish getting good kibble so I don't spend 5+ hours taming semi-low level Dino's.
First Question: What's an effective way to start kibble farming? (We tried a dodo farm, and mass Dino's with tons of females, Alpha Rex came by and ate them)
Second Question: WHAT is the best method for taporing up more dangerous Dino's? Like Thilizsaurs. I use a crossbow, and Dododex says 20+ arrows in a level 30+ one. How can I make that feedable? With a 3 man tribe we have killed and taken them out. Is their a way to solo KO one?
Any other bits of information for mid game would be great as well, started utilizing Dino's for resource gathering now and at a point where I want to do some effective farming and taming on good Dino's.
Discussion : Newbie Questions..

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