Proxy BungeeCord

What you need to make a big fat network man !

BungeeCord enables you to create a Network and to connect your Minecraft (Spigot) servers together. Your players will be able to move from a server to another by using portals or commands without logging off. To work, BungeeCord need to be linked to other Minecraft servers, hosted at OMGSERV or elsewhere. Our interface provides simplified management that will help you link your Minecraft servers to your Network.

CAUTION: Bungeecord IS NOT a Minecraft Server, Bungeecord is a proxy that only allow you to link Minecraft Servers together.


Number of players (slots) 9999
Linked servers UNLIMITED
Custom IP address
Scheduled Backups
Scheduled Tasks
MySQL Database
Technical Support PRIORITY


1 month 2,99 €
3 months 7,99 € 2,66€/month
6 months 13,99 € 2,33€/month
12 months 23,99 € 2,00€/month
24 months 39,99 € 1,67€/month
datacenter + 0 € /month
2,99 € VAT Inc.
You're saving

Included with your Bungeecord server

Latest-generation servers for an optimal game experience.
Intel Xeon processors, high-throughput SSD and Arbor™ DDoS Protection.

Arbor™ DDoS Protection
Automatic mitigation
Unlimited worlds
Create and build indefinitely
Live console
Like you were on your own machine
Unlimited SSD storage
Multiplied performance


Our Bungeecord Control Panel is the most advanced on the market.
Designed for experienced administrators as well as casuals gamers.