VPS Server Hosting

Get the latest technologies for your professional VPS server.
Mix the power of a dedicated server to the flexibility of a virtual server.


The real High-Speed

INTEL XEON E5-2670 2.60 / 3.30 Ghz
DDoS Protection Automatic mitigation
SSD (RAID 5 Hard) Up to 450MB/s
Starting at €4.99


Optimized for storage

INTEL XEON E5-2670 2.60 / 3.30 Ghz
DDoS Protection Automatic mitigation
HDD (RAID 1 Hard) Up to 200MB/s
Starting at €4.99


Forged for Gaming

Intel i7 6700K OC 4.40 / 4.70 GHz
DDoS Protection Permanent L7 mitigation
SSD (RAID 1 Soft) Up to 550MB/s
Starting at €3.99

Available Linux distributions

Install your VPS in a few seconds and in one click from our control panel, using a version amongst a large choice of Linux distributions.

Operating systems
1-Click Apps
Debian Debian
Ubuntu Ubuntu
CentOS CentOS
PufferPanel PufferPanel
OpenVPN Access OpenVPN Access
cPanel cPanel
Docker Debian 9 Docker
Nextcloud Nextcloud
Gitlab Gitlab
Mediawiki Mediawiki
Kanboard Kanboard
Wordpress Wordpress
LEMP (Nginx) LEMP (Nginx)
LAMP (Apache2) LAMP (Apache2)
Webmin Webmin
Ubuntu 18.04 MATE
Ubuntu 18.04 KDE
Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME
Ubuntu 18.04 XFCE

Simple, reliable, powerful !

Our VPS control panel has been thought to make your life easier.
It groups all the tools you need to manage, secure and monitor your server.

Rescue Mode

With the rescue mode, you can access your VPS server anytime anywhere like you were physically in the datacenter. No more fearing a mistake that would lock you out of your VPS or losing your password.


Monitor the status of your VPS server with the MRTG graphs available in your VPS control panel. Control precisely the memory, processor and network consumption.

OpenVZ virtualization

Our VPS hosting is powered by the OpenVZ technology.
OpenVZ is a container-based virtualization solution offering stunning performances.