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How to create a Teamspeak server with Debian ?
To create your TeamSpeak server (32 slots), please follow these steps :

Create TeamSpeak user

Once connected as root you will need to create an user :

adduser teamspeak

Identify yourself as user "teamspeak" :

su teamspeak

Teamspeak server install

Go to teamspeak user directory and download the server (Here the link is for a 64-Bits OS using teamspeak server version):

cd /home/teamspeak
wget http://dl.4players.de/ts/releases/

You can find the download link at this page : Download archive.

Exctract the archive, then remove it and go to the server folder :

tar xjf teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-
rm teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-
cd teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64

Generate a configuration file

To generate a configuration file you have to use :

./ts3server_minimal_runscript.sh createinifile=1

It will show you the file content where you will be able to find the serveradmin username and password, as well as the Token to use at the first server connection. (Keep these informations, they are really important)

Press ctrl+c to quit the generation tool.

Start Teamspeak at server startup

To start your Teamspeak server on the vps start, please follow these steps :

crontab -e

Then press i to edit your text file and add :

@reboot cd /home/teamspeak/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64 ; ./ts3server_startscript.sh start

Press Escape to quit edition and insert :wq to valid your file editing.

You also can start your sever manually using this command :

./ts3server_startscript.sh start