Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage

After many weeks of Snapshots and Pre-Releases, Minecraft 1.14 version "Village & Pillage" is now available.

You can now install it in 1-Click from your panel on our Minecraft servers hosting plans.

This new version is mainly improving Villages and Villagers mechanics.

Villages & Pillages

Villages now have new buildings and there are new villages types.

Villagers skins and jobs have been updated, they do now have a schedule and tasks about their jobs.

Illagers can now form groups and attack villages. They patrol around the world and now have outposts you can attack.

New Blocks and Textures

Default textures have been redone and updated.

Mojang added new blocks, asked from a long time by community, such as Signs, Walls, Stairs and Slabs which are now declined with many materials.

New flowers have been introduced, and also Bamboo and Berry Bushes.

You can now use Scaffolding to build instead of ugly dirt towers.

A lot of new utility blocks have been added : Campfire, Composter, Smoker, Blast Furnace, Cartography Table, Lectern, Stonecutter, Grindstone, Smithing Table and Fletching Table.

A new weapon have been added too : Crossbow.

New Creatures

This version also introduces new passive creatures : Panda, Brown Mooshroom and Wandering Trader.

Pillagers are now attacking villages with a new creature : the Ravager.

Find more information on the official minecraft.net article.