New Minecraft XTREM plan

An XTREMely powerful new offer

After months of research and development, we are proud to present our next generation of Minecraft servers. Our XTREM Minecraft offer meets the needs you have expressed in order to play in optimal conditions, even with the largest modpacks.
With this new plan, we offer you a unique gaming experience, powered by the highest hardware standards. After months of beta testing and a lot of positive feedback on this offer, we are confident that we will offer you the best without compromise.

An experience optimized for modpacks

It is for the most demanding players in our community, those who want to be able to enjoy the latest modpacks, in the latest versions of the game, without any slowdown, that we have designed Minecraft XTREM.
Our offer has been tested with the biggest modpacks of the moment (All the mods 8, Ragnamod VI: in the sky ...) and optimized to make them work optimally.

Next-generation and explosive hardware

We designed the XTREM Minecraft hosts with the sole goal of performance.

At the center of our new offer's architecture are the Ryzen 7 5800X processors clocked up to 4.7GHz, providing phenomenal single-threaded computing power perfectly suited for Minecraft and the biggest modpacks.
But that's not all, because to support all this computing power, we have chosen to use NVMe storage, powering write speeds up to 3500Mo/s and always without any storage limitations for your maps and server files.
As always, we have focused on an offer without RAM limits with machines equipped with DDR4 RAM, and dedicated up to 30GB RAM for your server.

All of our hosts have been assembled in our premises and are hosted in our own bays, as we have always done. All of this in order to control our infrastructure from A to Z and to be able to intervene as close as possible to our services in order to meet the operational needs as quickly as possible. It is this quality and expertise that we put at your disposal in this new Minecraft XTREM offer.

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